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FCS Course Descriptions

2021-22 FCS Course DescriptionsFamily and Consumer Sciences

FCCLA (7-12):  Student leadership through Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is an integral part of ALL FCS courses.

Teen Living Skills (7th Grade):  This course is designed to assist students in developing essential skills for healthy growth and development. Students will gain skills through setting goals, making good decisions and developing problem solving abilities. The course offers students the opportunity to explore learning through hands on activities in the areas of relationships, physical development, money management, child care, sustainability, and career exploration. The skills gained at this early age will assist in creating a work and family life balance in the future. 

Family and Consumer Sciences Basics  or FCS Basics (8th Grade): This course is designed to provide students with basic information and skills needed to function effectively within the family and a changing, complex society. Emphasis is given to the development of competencies related to relationships, communication and conflict resolution, caring for children, designing personal space, basic sewing skills, clothing selection and care, promoting good health and nutrition, food selection and preparation, and career exploration. Upon completion of this course, the student will have developed basic life skills that promote a positive influence on the quality of life.

Career Orientation(9-12): : This course is designed to provide students with job seeking and retention skills through research and job shadowing activities, to gain essential employability skills, to explore career options, and to understand the importance of balancing a career and family. Emphasis is placed on acquiring conceptual skills such as strategic planning, communication, and problem solving. The importance of basic academic skills is stressed with job-related, practical application activities throughout the curriculum.

Counseling and Mental Health (9-12): This course is designed to improve a student’s knowledge of mental health literacy, and gain knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a counseling and mental health career through simulated environments. Students apply knowledge of ethical and legal responsibilities, limitations on their actions and responsibilities, and the implications of their actions. Students will understand how professional integrity in counseling and mental health care is dependent on acceptance of ethical and legal responsibilities. 

Fashion Design II (9-12): This course will further strengthen and broaden apparel design and production techniques. In this course, students will design and construct intermediate to advanced level projects using various construction techniques. Students will identify, analyze and apply design processes and techniques to textiles. Entrepreneurship, service projects, career skills and career opportunities within the apparel industry will also be explored.

School and Community Partnership I (11-12): : The School and Community Partnership I course provides a method of instruction which requires alternating study within the school setting and on-the-job training in the occupational career area. 

School and Community Partnership II (12): The Family and Consumer Sciences School and Community Partnership II course provides an instructional program designed to further develop employability and customer service skills to the senior level student within the school setting and on-the job training. School and Community Partnership I is a prerequisite for the course.

Personal Financial Literacy (9-12):  Students will learn basic skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage their personal finances. The objectives and learning activities are based on real world situations and will help to build a foundation for making informed and successful personal financial decisions. The course is comprised of 14 areas of instruction designed to include all standards of the Passport to Financial Literacy Act of 2007 (70 O.S. § 11-103.6h) at a level of instruction appropriate for ninth through twelfth grade students.

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