Concurrent Enrollment

Junior and senior students may take college courses concurrently each semester.   Students must have a National ACT score of 20/21 or better and meet grade point average requirements.  Enrollment dates for the fall semester begin the previous April.  Enrollment dates for Spring begins in October.  Enrollment applications are available on-line from the colleges or you may request forms from Ms. West. 


2017-18 Coalgate High School Concurrent Enrollment Statement of Agreement

I, (name)______________________________, understand that:

I am enrolled in a college level class, and a college level class demands responsibility and maturity proportional to a college student. This course will require rigorous academic work. I understand that I am solely responsible to complete that work.

I will be graded on a college level grading standard; no late or makeup work will be accepted without prior arrangements with the instructor. 

I understand that should withdrawal from this concurrent class be necessary, it is my responsibility to follow all University/College guidelines for withdrawal.   

I understand that I must withdraw from the University/College following their policy and deadlines and withdrawal grades will be reflected on my University transcript. If I fail to properly withdraw from a college class I will receive a failing grade on both the University and high school transcript.

I understand that the University/College grade will be posted on the University/College transcript and on my high school transcript.

I understand that enrolling for a concurrent class will affect my high school G.P.A., class rank, and total credits earned.  It may also affect scholarship/college funding either positively or negatively depending upon grade earned.

I am generating a permanent college record that will be applied to all of my higher education pursuits after I graduate from high school. My college grade and my high school grade will be the same.

I understand that I will be given time during the high school day to work on concurrent assignments. This time will be managed wisely and maturely.   It is my responsibility to complete and keep up with the assignments. 

 I understand that college coursework may require additional time outside of the high school day. 

I understand that Coalgate High School is not responsible for my college course work.

I understand that my college instruction may require me find a member of the high school staff to proctor course tests and that I am responsible to make the appropriate arrangements.  Proctored exams must be scheduled with proctor ahead of time and will not be given last minute.  It is not the proctor’s responsibility to make sure I take my exams.

I understand that it is my responsibility to pay the higher education institution enrollment fees and tuition in a timely manner to receive college and high school credit for this class.

I understand that I will not be allowed to enroll in concurrent college courses in the future if I fail to meet any of the above requirements.

I have read and understand the above outlined guidelines and agree to conduct myself accordingly:

________________________________________                ____________________________
Student Signature                                                                   Date

I support the decision of this student to enroll in a college-level class with the expectations and responsibilities outlined above in respect to the University/College and Coalgate School District.


________________________________________                ____________________________

Parent Signature                                                                     Date